Muhammad Ali George Foreman ” The Rumble In The Jungle ” Signed Boxing Gloves Framed

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On 30 October 1974, Muhammad Ali fought George Foreman for the World Heavyweight Boxing Championship. Foreman’s genius employed silence, serenity, and cunning. He had never been defeated. His hands were his instrument. Together the two men made boxing history in an explosive meeting of two great minds, two iron wills and two monumental egos. The great writer Norman Mailer put the critical moment like this: ‘A big projectile exactly the size of a fist in a glove drove into the middle of Foreman’s mind, the best punch of the startled night, the blow Ali saved for a career.

Vertigo took George Foreman and revolved him. He started to tumble and topple and fall even as he did not wish to go down. He went over like a sixty-year-old butler who has just heard tragic news, yes, fell over all of a long collapsing two seconds, down came the Champion in sections and Ali revolved with him in a close circle, hand primed to hit him one more time, and never the need, a wholly intimate escort to the floor’.

Two Gloves Personally signed by Muhammad Ali and George Foreman in Black Sharpie

Limited to 100 units only to ensure its rarity

Accompanied by  Certificate of Authenticity

Presented in a deluxe timber frame

Approximate framed dimensions 850 mm x 1000 mm


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