Legends Genuine Memorabilia has been the Collectors Choice since 1996.

All signed items are supplied with individually numbered Certificates of Authenticity.

Third Party Authenticity

The Australian Memorabilia Association is now offering authentication services to anyone seeking to ensure the authentication of their items.  This is to be welcomed since there are many collectors who receive items second or third hand or who may no longer have the certificate that originally came with their item.

At LGM, we are happy to accept the authentication judgement of the AMA since they have experts with some 30 years of expertise in the memorabilia industry as well as the services of a forensic examiner with significant experience of autograph authentication, particularly for renowned athletes like The Greatest, Muhammad Ali.

Here at LGM we are happy to subject any of the autographs that we sell to the review and approval, or otherwise, of the AMA and their experts.  For collectors, the AMA may be found at www.amaonline.com.au.